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The Excalibur

Excalibur is the name of King Arthur’s legendary sword. This sword is at the base of the sword of the dragon’s breath, which Merlin has given to Arthur’s father (Pendragon) for victory in the war against the Saxons, and then presents it to the Lady of the Lake, and after returning the sword, he returns it to The rock is down so Arthur can only pull it out.

Saman kazemi final2

The Excaibur (UE4)

Saman kazemi 01

Steps - WIP01 (Maya-Zbrush)

Saman kazemi 02

Steps - WIP02 (Maya-Zbrush)

Saman kazemi 03

Steps - WIP03 (Substance Painter)

Saman kazemi 04

Steps - WIP04 (Substance Painter)

Saman kazemi 05

Steps - WIP05 (Substance Painter)

Saman kazemi 06

Steps - WIP06 (Maya)

Saman kazemi 07

Steps - WIP07 (Unreal Engine)